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Ways out of the crisis by means of a diversification strategy!

From many conversations with decision makers of business enterprises, we have learned that the operational excellence of their company is excellent. However, their own company's strategic positioning is weak and not in the channel of megatrends. The risk that their company, due to their own weak company position determinant and a shrinking market, will move into or even cross the zone of "no return" is high. We have advised the decision-makers that the crisis can only be overcome through an effective diversification strategy.
In brief, diversification can be understood as the expansion of the service program to include new products and new markets, including countries, regions, industries or target customers. The aim is to achieve profitable growth and reduce business risks.

It is essential for the development of a diversification strategy that all stakeholders are integrated, i.e. the works council, management, owners, key customers and suppliers, and also creditors. Together, the diversification strategy is developed, adopted and, above all, lived. The corporate culture is also opened up by this process. A diversification strategy is an effective way to manage a crisis.

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Today's markets are more dynamic as well as more volatile than before and can only be managed in an agile manner. Agile management must give autonomy to all organizational units and promote intrinsic motivation. The smallest organizational unit is ultimately the individual person. It is therefore necessary as a manager to invest more in the skills and motivation of agile employees, especially among top performers, and to do so on a daily basis. In business transformation, it is essential to find the entrepreneurial bridge between appreciation and value creation and - above all - to live it consistently.
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