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Unser neues Buch geht am 13. November 2021 in den Büchermarkt

Our new book enters the book market on November 13, 2021

In this SEViX reference book, you will find not so much library knowledge, but the authors' experiential knowledge of how decision-makers can manage corporate crises with success. This reference book shows how corporate crises can be solved in a sustainable and successful manner through strategic transformation, the core element of which is strategy development. The authors address decision-makers in companies and present tried-and-tested solutions that go far beyond the approaches and methods of classic restructuring known to date. The strategic...

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Site strategy: All sites should be put to the test

A company's business strategy as well as external developments such as geopolitical trends, special situation due to the Corona pandemic, lead to location challenges with regard to the creation or reduction of new sites. In order to determine the right location strategy, which must be consistent with business strategy, companies need to take a strategic approach to...

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Strategic Business Transformation Secures the Future - The Answer to Corona

Corona forces every company to think seriously about its future direction The Corona crisis poses fundamentally new challenges for the economic system and companies. Markets, customers and supply flows will have different structures after Corona. Entire industries will receive new assessments and have to deal with changed industry rules. We are in a global...

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Der CEO ad interim – Macher des „radical Change“

The CEO ad interim - Maker of the "radical Change

In this second of two SEViX interviews, SEViX Founder Rainer E. Ulrich and Senior Executive Partner Dr. Thomas Forster talk about what it takes to bring about effective, sustainable change in companies to overcome crises and which...

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Das Drei-Phasen-Modell zur Krisenbewältigung

The three-phase model for crisis management

In addition to restoring an urgent capability that can be realized in the short term, Corona NOW also forces every company to think seriously about its future and long-term direction. A strategic business transformation is...

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Der Business Transformation Manager

The Business Transformation Manager

A new type of corporate rehabilitator will be needed after the Corona pandemic! In Germany, the number of corporate insolvencies is likely to rise significantly in the wake of the Corona crisis, according to credit rating experts. "In 2020, we expect as of now up to...

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Kurze Vorstellung von Dr. Thomas Forster

Short introduction of Dr. Thomas Forster

Dr. Thomas Forster holds a doctorate in business administration. Due to his many years of management experience both as CEO and CRO of globally operating companies in the manufacturing industry and as an independent management consultant and interim executive manager,...

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