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The impact of the COVID19 pandemic on society and businesses demands new solutions to a complex situation. Learn here how you can act now and in the future.

Unser neues Buch geht am 13. November 2021 in den Büchermarkt

Our new book enters the book market on November 13, 2021

In this SEViX reference book, you will find not so much library knowledge, but the authors' experiential knowledge of how decision-makers can manage corporate crises with success. This reference book shows how corporate crises can be solved in a sustainable and successful manner through strategic transformation, the core element of which is strategy development. The authors address decision-makers in companies and present tried-and-tested solutions that go far beyond the approaches and methods of classic restructuring known to date. Strategic transformation follows a holistic approach with stakeholder participation. In contrast to classical approaches, it has the goal of a long-term profitable market positioning of the company, which...

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Wirksam helfen – unsere SEViX Videoreihe

Effective help - our SEViX video series (german)

Ways out of the crisis by means of a diversification strategy! From many conversations with decision-makers of business enterprises we have learned that the operational excellence of their company is excellent. However, the strategic positioning of the...

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Standortstrategie: Alle Standorte gehören auf den Prüfstand

Site strategy: All sites should be put to the test

A company's business strategy as well as external developments such as geopolitical trends, special situation due to the Corona pandemic, lead to location challenges with regard to the creation or reduction of new sites. In order to find the right...

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How we can help

Our customer approach

We help the entrepreneur to filter the real problems of the company together with their effects. Then sustainable solutions are developed and implemented. Strategy development is the starting point for us. As CEO ad Interim or as CxO we go into the company bodies on a temporary basis with operational responsibility, also in a team.


Comprehensive system analysis of the compan

With the SEViX Corporate Scan, we methodically screen the company's situation, weighting and clarifying. Strengths and weaknesses of the company are compared to opportunities and risks. The competitive position of the company is made transparent for the decision makers and then the responsible persons are determined.


Integrative strategy development

The results of the situation analysis are communicated to the stakeholders. Vision and guiding principles are developed and a business model is derived from them that is consistent with the strategy. Using the ideal image method, the strategy is jointly developed, adopted and, above all, lived by the stakeholders.


Goals, implementation and control

With the involvement of stakeholders, multipliers and promoters, strategic goals and projects are defined, prioritized and short- and long-term goals are derived. Projects are implemented effectively by project teams with target agreements. With the help of the Project Management Office, an overview of ongoing projects is ensured and efficiency is increased.


Our service

We are the entrepreneurial solution provider with a focus on strategy development and implementation through our interim executive managers.


We lead the CEO ad Interim / CRO to their company, which changes their business and secures their future.


We help our clients improve their market position through a strategy developed together with the stakeholders they need for sustainable success.


We are pursuing a rigorous reorganization process so that we can make better decisions and get employees more involved and engaged.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We bring to our clients transaction and integration expertise, deep industry knowledge, a global network to effectively support M&A programs.


We have highly qualified headhunters who are focused on client needs and have a thorough knowledge of the industry and the region.

Business Coaching

We support our customers - through our business coaches - to invest in skills and motivation of agile employees, especially among high performers.

Our mission and values

We are the entrepreneurial solution provider in the range Business Transformation for our customers and partners. We say what we think, do what we say and take responsibility for our actions.

Help together

Our SEViX partners

are experienced Executive Manager ad interim with an entrepreneurial mindset who roll up their sleeves. As doers, they solve challenging strategy and management tasks in the business transformation process, also in an executive function. At least 15 years of line management experience and implementation expertise are their assets. They bring to the table: practical knowledge, mental robustness, a situational level of empathy, agile implementation skills, best practice experience, the deep understanding of value chains and their technical interdependencies.


Contact us

wenn Veränderungen im Unternehmen eng und persönlich durchgeführt werden sollen. Wir unterstützen als Beirat oder Manager auf Zeit. Wir analysieren den Status Quo,  erstellen Konzepte und setzen sie um.

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