Our new book enters the book market on November 13, 2021

In this SEViX reference book, you will find not so much library knowledge, but the authors' experiential knowledge of how decision-makers can manage corporate crises with success.

This specialist book shows how corporate crises can be solved sustainably and successfully through strategic transformation, the core element of which is strategy development. The authors address the decision-makers in the companies and present tried-and-tested solution approaches that go far beyond the previously known approaches and methods of classic restructuring. Strategic transformation follows a holistic approach with stakeholder participation. In contrast to classic approaches, it aims to achieve a long-term profitable market positioning for the company that is better than the industry average. Proven methods of market and company analysis, communication and employee involvement, best practice approaches, project management and the use of multipliers and promoters are effective in achieving this. Resilient business models and diversification strategies are essential to ensure that companies continue to operate profitably in shrinking industries and markets.

  • A book by practitioners for practitioners.

  • Helps to identify and resolve business crises in a way that is effective for success.

  • With many practical examples.

The content

  • Internal and external causes of crises
  • Strategic Business Transformation in Practice
  • Methods, instruments and tools for successful implementation
  • Employees, agility and leadership
  • Digital transformation in the corporate crisis

The authors

Dr. Thomas Forster holds a doctorate in business administration. As a "CEO ad Interim" and CRO, he works in the executive bodies of international companies in the manufacturing sector of the upper mid-market. He has a wide range of practical experience in business transformation, success-effective strategy development and its implementation, corporate restructuring and corporate value enhancement. He has been a Senior Executive Partner of SEViX GmbH since 2017.

Rainer E. Ulrich has carried out numerous business transformations as managing director and manager of medium-sized companies and portfolio companies. He is extremely adept at successfully incorporating the ideas and insights of employees, colleagues, customers, suppliers and institutions into a new value creation architecture. Rainer Ulrich is the founder of SEViX GmbH, a company specializing in business transformation.

The co-authors

Prof. Dr. Immanuel Ulrich is a graduate psychologist (University of Bonn) as well as a trained trainer and business coach (Free University of Berlin). He has been working as a freelance personnel developer since 2009. In his award-winning doctorate, he designed and implemented a personnel development measure for young professionals at universities and demonstrated its sustainable impact both on the participants (competencies and behavior) and on the client level, i.e. their students (learning successes). In 2014 he received the Johannes-Wildt-Nachwuchspreis für hochschuldidaktische Forschung (best dissertation) from the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Hochschuldidaktik.

Armin Gruber is an engineer, entrepreneurial service provider, C-Level Interim Manager and Senior Executive Partner of SEViX GmbH. He draws on almost 30 years of management and leadership experience in the operational business of medium-sized manufacturing companies and is particularly familiar with the high demands placed on suppliers by globally positioned corporate customers.

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