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Today's markets are more dynamic as well as more volatile than before and can only be managed in an agile manner. Agile management must give autonomy to all organizational units and promote intrinsic motivation. The smallest organizational unit is ultimately the individual person. It is therefore necessary as a manager to invest more in the skills and motivation of agile employees, especially among top performers, and to do so on a daily basis.


There is nothing as practical as a good theory

-Kurt Lewis

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Our business coaches meet your needs in your business, they successfully change your business and secure your future.

Professorship of Higher Education Didactics & Psychology

Prof.-Dr. Immanuel Ulrich

Extensive experience in human resource management with a focus on business coaching and training & people development. Designs trainings and coachings with scientifically proven impact on participants and their clients. He has gained industry experience in business IT companies, universities, aviation, management consultancies (HR) as well as associations and foundations.


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