Valuable collection of quotations from SEViX books and newsletters

Valuable collection of quotation from SEViX Books and SEViX Newsletters


The content of our books comes from the accumulated practical experience in various situations as a corporate manager and business coach.
The valuable quotes taken from them are intended to enrich the knowledge of decision makers.
These SEViX books belongs on the gift table for this year's Christmas!

Business Crisis

Many companies are usually unaware that they are already in crisis.

The first prerequisite for a successful reorganization is the clear recognition by the respective management or owners that the company is really in crisis.

For management and owners, not only the recognition of a crisis is required, but a joint commitment to a necessary transformation as a logical consequence is imperative.

It is difficult to imagine that those who are often responsible for crisis situations should at the same time be the solutions for overcoming this crisis.

Causes of business crises can also be rooted in the person of owners themselves, who cultivate autocratic management styles, disempower employees, and make wrong decisions.

Business Strategy

Whether a strategy is truly success-effective is essentially determined by its implementation.

Strategy development is a management task that cannot be delegated.

Without a clear strategy, any transformation process is doomed to failure.

In any strategy development, management must make clear decisions.

Strategy development in business transformation focuses on all external and internal areas of the company.

Successful reorganizations require the expansion and development of competitive advantages through the implementation of appropriate strategies.

Turnaround & Change Management

At the beginning of every turnaround, the first step is to analyze the three core areas: Financial situation - Strategic alignment - Performance reserves.

Change management cannot take into accounts the personal sensitivities of those responsible for processes.

Identified weak points, waste and incompetence cannot be made taboo.

There must be no "protected" or taboo areas and processes or persons in any company.

Shaping the company's future differently through success-effective strategic corporate transformation

Doing the right things right

It is imperative NOT to copy competitor strategies, but to uniquely position one's own capabilities with distance to the competition.

"Structure follows strategy", new strategies can lead to new competitive organizational structures.

Structure follows strategy - tinkering with organizations is pointless if they are not strategy compliant

Milestones with measures that do not deliver the planned results of a reorganization must be modified at an early stage or consistently replaced by new ones that are more effective in terms of success.

Transformation is about implementing the right projects in the right way.

A successful project management office aims to realize benefits for stakeholders by minimizing project risks and maximizing project successes.

Every company needs orientation and alignment through a corporate mission statement and values, which cannot only be defined by quantitative targets.

A company functions like a system; even one defective screw - process, area, responsibility - can lead to inability to function or loss of performance.

The modern manager is above all an entrepreneurial coach who has no fear of his employees and guides them in their tasks and prepares them for independence.

The new entrepreneurial type is characterized by risk and courage to position his company as unique in relation to the competition.

The new entrepreneurial type has been the ability to develop competitive organizations with suitable requirement profiles and suitable employees.

In transformation processes, conflicts can be used as a stimulus.


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